Long Term Care Planning

Long Term Care Planning in Texas

Long Term Care Planning in Texas

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— Last Updated May 27, 2022

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Guide Long Term Care Planning in Texas

— Last Updated May 27, 2022

Stephanie Wilson

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Reviewed by

Eric Berkman

Long term care costs in Texas are high and will continue to grow like most regions of the country.

According to the 2021 Cost of Care study led by Carescout, the average cost of long term care in Texas will be over $45,000 per year.  When broken down by the various care options, the following are the specific long term care costs in Texas.

The median Home Health Services including Homemaker and Home Health Aid costs are $54,912.  The median Assisted Living costs are $47,970.  And, the median Nursing Home care costs are $61,503 for a semi-private room and $85,107 for a private room. So, if you’ll need care for 10 years, then that could be over $850,000 if you need a private room.  That’s the extreme example, of course.  But, the tricky part with care needs as you get older is you really don’t know how long you’ll need long term care.  So, it’s better to have a plan to pay for it, then be put in a position where you are unable to control how and where you receive your long term care.

According to a study from the Urban Institute and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 70% of people 65 and older will need long term care in their remaining years.  So just like most areas of the country, generally speaking, most people living in Texas will need some form of long term care help as they get older are unable to perform routine daily living activities.

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Why Long Term Care Planning in Texas is important.

If you’re from Texas or plan to move to Texas then as part of your retirement planning and long term care planning you should be aware of the long term care costs in Texas, since where you are located will have a big impact on how much it will cost you to get the care you need.  It’s really no different than anything else, whether it’s housing, grocery prices, or other typical cost of living needs.  But, when it comes to long term care, given the nature of the services needed, the costs are typically high, and so knowing them where you live, and in this case for Texas, can be helpful as you plan for your long term care needs.

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Stephanie Wilson


April 16, 2022

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