Disability Insurance for Bankers (Supreme 2022 Guide)

disability insurance

Regardless of what part of the banking field you’re in, you’ve put in the time, effort, and resources necessary to rise to the top of your profession, and reap the rewards of managing transactions and brokering high-value deals. However, all of that can disappear in an instant when you choose not to take preemptive measures […]

Disability Insurance for Brokers – Everything You Need to Know

disability insurance

Your job as a broker is more of a mental stressor than it is a physical risk, and you most likely make a considerable income brokering the high-value deals of very well-off individuals and entities. This probably makes you consider something such as disability insurance a bit of an unnecessary expense you’re never going to […]

What is the Best Disability Insurance for Massage Therapists in 2022?

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Being a massage therapist is a highly rewarding opportunity. You get to make a difference in the lives of everyone who comes to you for relief, and in most circumstances, you get to be your own boss in a financially fruitful field. However, just like any job, those kinds of benefits come with a few […]

What is the Waiting Period for a Disability Insurance Policy?

Disability insurance

Disability insurance is one form of insurance policy that nearly everyone should have. It’s fairly affordable, protects your income when you’re suddenly unable to work due to injury, sickness, or similar disabilities, and depending on the type of policy you get, it might support you for a six-month spat, or it might cover you all […]

What to Expect When Applying for Disability Insurance? (Supreme 2022 Guide)

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You know that disability insurance is necessary, or you wouldn’t be reading this. It protects you from those unavoidable life events that send your entire way of life spiraling downward in an instant. However, it’s not as simple as just contacting an insurance company, handing over some cash, and getting a policy. In fact, it […]

Disability Insurance for Physicians – All You Need to Know in 2022

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Disability insurance is a necessary form of insurance for practically everyone, but as a physician, you’re in a unique position. You’re a high-income earner, you likely have your own practice and function, at least in most capacities, as your own boss. Also, you’re a healthcare professional who probably takes good enough care of your health […]

Disability Insurance for Individuals (All You Need to Know in 2022)

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Disability insurance is a necessity for pretty much anyone who can afford it, but it should be even more of a priority than some other types of health-related insurance policies. In the event you become disabled and cannot work, it can be the difference between maintaining your lifestyle or quickly losing everything you’ve worked for […]

Disability Insurance for Veterinarians – What To Know in 2022

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Veterinarians must spend years in school to obtain their DVM, one of the most valuable assets in their diverse arsenal. Naturally, becoming a professional, licensed, and certified veterinarian isn’t cheap at all. According to a recent study by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 2020, veterinary school graduates face an educational debt that can hover […]

What Is Long Term Disability Insurance & How It Works? [2022 Update]

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There’s nothing more fulfilling than living a long and happy life with an enjoyable career. However, not everyone is lucky enough to head peacefully into retirement after many years of working. While there might be numerous reasons that bring people to such life situations, many suffer from a severe illness that prevents them from participating […]

Disability Insurance for Chiropractors: How it Works

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As a chiropractor, you have put yourself in a uniquely comfortable and potentially volatile financial state. Assuming you have your own practice and plenty of clients, you’ve worked extremely hard to find financial freedom and build your work-life the way you want it while performing meaningful services. However, if you’re not protecting that lifestyle via […]

Disability Insurance for Surgeons – What to Know in 2022

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As a surgeon, you’re one of the top earners in an already high-paying field. You’ve put time, energy, and resources into building your career, and that has brought you some unique luxuries in life. Plus, you likely take great care of yourself due to your exceptional knowledge of the health field. So, why would you […]

The Best Disability Insurance for Dentists (2022 Guide)

disability insurance for dentists

As a dentist, you might not think of disability insurance too much. After all, your job is health-centered, and you likely take good care of yourself. However, disability insurance is something you absolutely need for a number of reasons, and you don’t just need disability insurance; you need the best disability insurance for dentists. In […]

Disability Insurance for Nurses – All You Need to Know in 2022

disability insurance for nurses

Being a nurse comes with a relatively high income, a meaningful career, and the ability to have in-demand skills that almost always put you at an advantage when seeking employment. However, it’s not a career that is without its risks, and if you don’t have disability insurance, your dream career can take a sudden downturn […]

Disability Insurance For Small Business Owners [Definite Guide]

Disability Insurance

As a small business owner, you want to ensure that you can protect your business from any risk. That can include the risk of you falling ill and being unable to lead your business – or even work at all. Disability insurance for small business owners is a necessity in order to protect yourself and […]

Disability Insurance for Consultants (Supreme 2022 Guide)

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As a consultant, you’re probably used to long days in a home office or rented office space contacting clients, managing your workflow, and trying to grow your business. You’re not exactly putting yourself in harm’s way on a daily basis. So, you don’t need disability insurance, right? Well, while it may not seem obvious, consultants […]

Disability Insurance for Employers — What Does It Cover?

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The unpredictability of human life is something that many people struggle with daily. Bad things can happen to anyone, seemingly out of nowhere, and derail their entire life and the lives of their family members. Accidents, injuries, sickness, natural disasters — you name it, it can happen. That’s why we have such a diverse market […]

What Does Disability Insurance Cover? [Explained in Detail]

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The Council for Disability Awareness reports that one in four of today’s 20-year-olds might experience an injury or illness that prevents them from working for at least a year before reaching retirement. The same report reveals that three in ten Americans can’t afford an unexpected $400 bill. They typically have to go over their credit […]

What Are The Exclusions In Disability Insurance? All You Need To Know

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If you are paying a monthly or yearly disability insurance premium to ensure you’re covered for an injury or disabling illness, you should know that you may not get the treatment coverage you initially expected. The fine print of disability insurance strictly defines under which circumstances you’ll receive timely benefits. While it may sound troubling, […]

Disability Insurance For Teachers – What To Know In 2022

Disability Insurance For Teachers- What To Know In 2022

It’s no secret that teachers in the US are grossly underpaid. With an average salary of $63,645 a year and average student loans exceeding $58,700, many struggle to take care of their daily expenses, cover their bills, or make their mortgage payments on time. Most teachers are even forced to take on second jobs just […]

What Is The Best Disability Insurance For The Self-Employed? [Supreme 2022 Guide]

disability insurance for self-employed

Navigating disability insurance can be hard enough at the best of times, but self-employment adds another hoop to jump through. In addition, disability insurance can often seem confusing or overwhelming. Luckily, we are here to help guide you through finding the best disability insurance for the self-employed! In most cases, working with a trusted insurance […]

How Does Disability Insurance for Athletes Work? (2022 Guide)

Disability Insurance for Athletes is the best choice for you

Disability insurance is a crucial investment for anyone. After all, it’s often the sole source of income when you’re exposed to a life-changing injury or condition. However, athletes should take it even more seriously. If you’re participating in a sport, you’re putting your body and health on the line every time you hit the field […]

Disability Insurance for Attorneys (2022 Guide)

Disability Insurance for Attorneys is the best option for you

As an attorney, you probably make a considerable income, and you most likely don’t do any strenuous physical activity that puts you at risk of injury. So, you might think that paying for a disability insurance policy is a waste of money that can be invested more fruitfully elsewhere. However, that’s not the case. The […]

Disability Insurance for Accountants: What To Know in 2022

Disability Insurance for Accountants

Protecting your income is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. If you recently became injured or sick at your job and couldn’t work for a while, you will need a good option to make you feel financially safe and secure at home while recovering so you can […]

Understanding Disability Insurance for Doctors

disability insurance for doctors

Most people pay attention to life insurance that covers them and their family members in case of a terrible accident. However, like many people, doctors have a much greater probability of suffering from a disability that impedes their ability to work than from dying prematurely. In such cases, a very small percentage of people have […]

Long Term Disability Insurance and Pregnancy [Definitive 2022 Guide]

long term disability insurance and pregnancy

Doing something you love for a living is a dream come true for everyone. However, life is unpredictable, and it can easily throw a curveball that can completely transform your reality. Being prepared for such situations is essential to remain calm and secure even in the most stressful situations. Long-term disability insurance is designed to […]

Federal Long Term Care Insurance vs. Private – Everything You Need To Know

federal long term care insurance vs private

Federal Long Term Care Insurance vs. Private Insurance Getting older should be a time for relaxing and spending the days with family. For many, it also means thinking about long term care. Long term care (or LTC) are the services and facilities that help you get through your daily activities once age makes them too […]

The Complete Guide to Long Term Care Rates (2022)

long term care rates

The reality is that about 70% of seniors will require long-term care at some point in their lives. The service offers daily assistance to people who are unable to perform 2 or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  It is crucial that you start planning early to avoid mountains of debt. You must keep in […]

Short Term Disability Insurance – How It Works?

short term disability insurance

Short Term Disability Insurance – How It Works?     A general outlook on short term disability insurance   Short-term disability insurance is a policy that provides workers with a specific percentage of their income for the time they are unable to work due to an illness, or an injury. Given the fact that the […]

Disability Insurance | What Is It and How Does It Work? [Ultimate 2022 Guide]

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Disability Insurance | What is it and how does it work? [Ultimate 2021 guide]   Disability insurance is a financial security instrument that replaces a certain amount of your income every month if you suffer any injury or illness and are unable to work for a certain period of time.  The main benefit of disability […]