We believe in making insurance simple and easy to understand.

About Us

How is Policy Solver Different?

We work for you. We do not work for the insurance carriers and we’re not an insurance carrier. We are a broker, and so by definition we are able to offer you the best product that meets your specific needs, at the best price available. We’re here to help you decide if you need insurance, how much you need, and understand your options.

We believe in transparency and treating people like we want to be treated – with honesty and respect. If you don’t feel like we’re doing that, we want to hear about it. Call or email us directly. (I’ll have that information eventually to include)

How does Policy Solver make money?

You don’t pay us a dime. We get paid directly from the insurance carrier who you buy a policy from. We get a commission from each sale. The commission is already included in the price of the policy from the carrier, and so our payment isn’t added on at the last minute and it’s already been negotiated before we started working with you. So, it doesn’t change based on who you are or what you buy.

Our Values

1. Simplicity

We believe in making things simple and easy to understand throughout our entire interaction with you.


2. Authenticity

We will treat you like you deserve to be treated; with respect and sincerity.

3. Transparency

We will always tell you what we think is best for you, based on your unique needs.

4. Customer Friendly
Your needs come first. If we’re not doing something right by you, we want to hear it.

5. Friction Free

We are here to help you get what you need, with as little hassle as possible. We know insurance isn’t the most exciting purchase.

Our promise to you….

We will give you unbiased, honest information so you can make the best decision for you and your family.